the smiths

So we’ve been at Rock the Garden at the Walker Art Center for about an hour now and no less than 10 people have already stopped Todd to comment on his Smith’s t-shirt. About half of those people asked to take a photo of him, so I figured I should do the same and post about it. Great day for a music festival!

happy birthday, todd!

Happy birthday today to Todd!  This is from our sunset cruise last night…both he and Hurley in their “happy place”.  We love you and hope you have a great day!

girls road trip

We are headed up to the cabin for a few days….taking two cars this time. Girls in one car, boys in the other…including Hurley! Best three things about being in the girl car?

– It smells better
– We can take a bathroom break whenever we want
– No dumb boy jokes

Looking forward to our road trip and some family fun at the cabin!

back on campus

It was Minnesota Private College Week last week, so on Friday afternoon we took Greta down to our alma mater, Gustavus.  It was a lot of fun to be back on campus….so many good memories, even though it’s changed a lot since we went to school there.  Back in 1998, a tornado ripped through the town of St. Peter and caused a lot of damage to campus….I remember going down a few days after the storm to help clean up debris.  Although the trees aren’t as large and majestic as they used to be, there are a lot of newer buildings on campus and everything looked great.  Greta really enjoyed the visit…it would be fun to have another Gustie in the family!

choose love

We had fun watching the Pride Parade today….so much celebration, positivity and color!  Although we didn’t stay for the whole parade, we all agreed Delta had the best float and flair.  Unfortunately this photo is missing their amazing dancing flight attendant…he was great!  In addition to all the candy, stickers and beads that were tossed out, Carmichael Lynch handed out these “choose love” bracelets…to me, that says it all!  To see more photos, click here!




cuyuna brewing company

We’re up at the cabin this weekend for a quick trip…..tonight we’re checking out some of the recent additions to the little town of Crosby. With the huge popularity of the Cuyuna Lakes Mountain Bikes Trails, the town has seen a resurgence. There are a few new restaurants and this great brewery that have all recently opened….even us wine drinkers are tasting the beer! So fun to see the town so full of life!

one year later

It’s crazy to think how much has changed in one short year…..check out my Father’s Day post from last year.  At that time, we were still living in Burnsville and had no plans to sell our house and move into the city.  We DROVE to the Bachelor Farmer restaurant last year for dinner and this year, we walked the block and a half from our condo!  But the one thing that hasn’t changed is that Todd is still the greatest dad.  We celebrated by taking our own dads to the Twins game today and then by having dinner at Todd’s favorite restaurant.  Happy Father’s Day, Todd….we love you!

nice ride

After hitting a couple of graduation parties today, we checked out the Stone Arch Bridge Festival for some art and food.  As we walked over, it started to sprinkle, but we kept on and were happy to get our fill of festival food.  As we finished eating, the temperature dropped and the wind and rain picked up so we decided to try the Nice Ride bikes to speed up our commute home….a fun family adventure!  Thankfully, not pictured?  Me wearing a dress….I’m sure I was quite a sight while I was riding!

merch table

After we moved and I had to pack all the concert t-shirts Todd and I have between us, I swore I’d never buy another one. Now that we’re at the rescheduled Semisonic concert at First Avenue that I’ve waited literally a YEAR for, I might have to change my tune. I’m a sucker for the merch table!

city pup

Top five things that have changed in Hurley’s life since we moved to the city:

  1. He gets to go on a lot of walks and likes to admire the view, including the Mississippi River as seen in this photo
  2. He gets to see lots of pups on a daily basis, but really misses his best friend and old neighbor Gracie 😦
  3. He gets to ride in an elevator every day and has learned to sit while he’s waiting for the doors to open
  4. He gets to explore shopping, coffee shops and restaurants on a regular basis and receives personalized water dishes wherever he goes
  5. He’s a celebrity in our building….most people know me as “Hurley’s mom” rather than Jen!

Being a city pup is a pretty good life!