the palace

A few months ago, a new music venue opened up in St. Paul that we’ve been excited to check out…the Palace Theater.  We had two concerts lined up to attend there this week….Belle & Sebastian (Tuesday) and Beck (tonight).  We made it to Belle & Sebastian, but skipped out on Beck tonight….disappointing, but just too much else going on.  The 100 year old venue was once a vaudeville theater where people like Charlie Chaplin and The Marx Brothers performed…it’s since been refurbed and is now owned and operated by First Avenue.  I was really impressed with the beauty of the venue, it’s layout, the acoustics and the vibe…..we’d highly recommend attending a show there.  And the music was great, too!  Belle & Sebastian sing one of my favorite songs…..The Blues Are Still Blue.  I don’t really know why I love this song so much…it’s pretty quirky and has some nerdy lyrics, but I know every word and love to sing along with it.  They rarely play it in concert, but Todd tweeted the band during the day and asked them to play it for me…and they did!  It totally made my night and my week…thanks Todd!

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