city shopping

One of the interesting things we’ve had to adjust to since moving to the city is how to best purchase groceries and household supplies.  The first few weeks, I just drove out to a neighboring suburb, found a Target and stocked up….just like I did when we lived in Burnsville.  It didn’t take long to realize that approach wasn’t going to work, for a few different reasons:  1) we don’t have enough space anymore to “stock up” on things, 2) it’s kind of a pain to haul lots of bags from our underground garage up to the condo and 3) it seemed silly to drive out to the suburbs when we had other alternatives in the city.  We’ve learned that a combination of different options works best for us, depending on what our need is.  I thought Whole Foods might be our primary solution, but they don’t sell Vitamin Water or PopTarts or a whole lot of other stuff we tend to eat in our house!  We sometimes use Instacart, which is AMAZING.  They deliver from Target, Cub, Whole Foods and a variety of other stores….right to our door on the 7th floor!  And of course there’s still a Target run once in a while, but the Minneapolis Target doesn’t look much like a suburban Target.  Check out these cool cart escalators….Whole Foods has them too.  I find them very humorous!  It’s been an interesting experience trying out all these new options…I think we’ve finally figured out what works best for us!

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