target’s mood lighting

This isn’t a great technical photo, but I wanted to post it anyway.  Some day soon I will pull out my tripod and really try to get a good nighttime shot, but in this case, I just wanted to provide a glimpse of our nighttime views.  This photo was from last night, Monday night….you can see the humidity and instability in the air.  But most importantly, I wanted to highlight the building in the bottom right hand part of the photo….that’s Target headquarters.  You can see that it’s all lit up in rainbow colors to support the Pride Festival that happened on Sunday, but before that it mimicked an aquarium with a bluish background and fish moving….a “Finding Nemo” sort of reference.  Tonight it’s back to that same display, but every night I look forward to seeing what images or colors might show up….it’s a pretty cool artistic expression that definitely sets the mood for the city.  I’ve been so fascinated by it, I googled the terms “target headquarters building lights” and here’s the most relevant article that came up…’s a pretty interesting read!

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