city views

This view is the reason it’s been so many months since I’ve last blogged.  We’ve moved to a condo in the Minneapolis North Loop area and this is our amazing view!  For a few years now, we’ve been talking about moving into the city and simplifying our house maintenance routine, but we were holding out for Owen and Greta to finish high school.  Plans changed when we realized the kids were as excited as we were to try living in the city and we found a place that was big enough for the five of us.  It’s been a busy few months selling our Burnsville house, getting the condo ready and preparing for a downsizing move, but now that we’re all moved in, we’re all loving the city life!  It’s great to be within walking distance to so many restaurants, coffee shops, retail stores and of course….the Mississippi River.  We have become much more active and actually spend more time outdoors than when we lived in a house!  Now that we’re a little more settled, I hope to be back blogging a bit more, but if it gets quiet again, just know I’m probably out walking the dog, biking to an outdoor music concert or walking to a Twins game….looking forward to summer in the city!

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