chem show


Every year, the AP Chemistry class at Lakeville South High School puts on a chemistry show.  The goal is to show that science can be fun…a lot of families and  younger kids attend.  There were about 30 experiments performed and they wove in the theme of “Finding Nemo”….since many of the experiments had to do with water.  It was a high energy show, complete with loud music, lights and comedy.  Owen was part of two experiments….this one was called “Grain Elevator Explosion”.  They tried to simulate a chemical reaction with dust, oxygen and a lighter….here’s an explanation of the experiment.  It didn’t explode as much as they hoped, but still illustrated the concept.  Owen was also an MC at the event, so he was busy throughout the evening!   It was a great event…a lot of fun to see these great kids doing such cool stuff!

One thought on “chem show

  1. We have Red Wing Grain in Red Wing and have had several instances where there have been explosions or close calls. Our fire department is highly trained for such things. Can be very dangerous. Have Todd tell you about it.


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