anniversary show



Yesterday was Todd and my 11th anniversary…happy anniversary to us!  It feels like just yesterday that we were celebrating our 10th in Thailand!  We had a great day with the kids and an amazing time last night….dinner at Marin and then VIP privileges for the Cloud Cult show at the State Theater.  I’ve written about Cloud Cult before…they are one of my favorite, favorite bands of all time.  I love everything about them….their musicianship, their story, their commitment to the environment, their lyrics and songs and, of course, their live shows.  I have never been to a show where I feel so much emotion and such a connection to the rest of the audience and the band….they are truly something special to see.  Last night’s show was no exception.  In addition to our great seats, we went to their sound check and then a meet and greet with the band before the show…the group photo above is with the band and the rest of the VIP’s.  A great way to spend our anniversary celebration!  (If you’re interested in seeing more photos, click here.)

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