Great night on the boat tonight listening to the loons and watching the sunset!

boat buddies

Up at the cabin enjoying a beautiful evening on the boat!

happy dog

It’s been a long, long day of cleaning and projects at the cabin….Hurley has been unsettled and frustrated that we weren’t out on the water. Waiting for the sunset, he’s now in his happy place…and so are we!

Behind The Lens…. (guest blogger Todd)

I love Jen’s blog. My only complaint is not enough Jen! This post is to recognize the beautiful woman behind the lens in so many of these posts. Thanks to Jen for all the amazing photos and all the joy they give us. Love you!

owen’s prom

Here are Owen and his girlfriend, Haley…..all ready for prom last night!  They had a great time!  More photos can be found here.

greta’s prom

Only a week late, but here are Greta’s prom photos from last weekend.  These are her bestest girlfriends, Ally, Kayla, (Greta) and Sam.  There were a few boys in attendance with them, but it was all about the girls this year…they had a great time together!  Now on to Owen’s prom tonight, then two high school graduations and two graduation parties….it’s going to be a busy month!

watering a bonsai tree

I’ve always wanted a bonsai tree, so when I saw this last little ficus tree at Whole Foods a few weeks ago, I snatched it up. Apparently, there had been 30 other trees there the day before and this was the last one left. Although it didn’t look like the runt of the litter, I felt a little sorry for it and was glad to take it home and care for it. Much to my surprise, when I read the watering instructions, it said to put five ice cubes a week on the soil and let it melt. It seemed a little odd at first, but now I am reveling in the ease and simplicity of it! Who knew?

birthday cheers

A fun day celebrating Curt’s birthday in the North Loop! Day drinks at the Monte Carlo, an awesome steak dinner by Todd at the condo and after-dinner drinks at the Hewing Hotel. Happy 79th, Curt! We love you!

best hamburger (guest blogger Todd)

Have you ever had a Parlor Burger? This is insanely good. In the basement of Borough is a little cocktail bar that makes great burgers. Really great burgers. Like the kind you dream about, and think of during your cool down on the treadmill.

PS. I have challenged Jen to restart her blog at least 3 times a week. Can she do it???

senior photos – part 1


It’s an interesting experience, taking your own kid’s senior photos…..a little nerve wracking, but fun all the same.  I worry that I won’t capture them in the right light or with the right expression….Owen especially.  Boys are generally more difficult to photograph…they’re just not quite as adept at posing or smiling just right!  After a lot of goofing around and laughing, I was able to tame Owen down and capture a few good shots…this one is my absolute favorite.  It captures him perfectly.  I have multiple photos of him looking just like this, with that playful smile, at all different ages….true Owen.  If you’d like to see more from his gallery, click here.  Now on to editing Greta’s photos…check back soon to see part 2!